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There are shuttles running both ways from the Lodge to the clubhouse all day.

Non-Golf Activities

The two stellar courses areobviously the main draws at Streamsong, but there are plenty of options for those who choose to leave their sticks in the room for a day. In the bottom floor of the Lodge is the spa, Acqua Pietra. Massages, facials, mud wraps and peels are all on the menu. Its a convenient option for the player who gracefully bows out of that afternoon round and wants to rejuvenate for the morning 18. For outdoorsmen, there are a bevy of options. Streamsong is one of the best spots in the state for bass fishing, and guided fishing in one of the surrounding lakes is offered. (Pricing: $100 for one hour, $200 for two hours, $80 for each hour after that).Sporting clays ($70 for 25 clays at a five-stand and$140 for 50 clays at an eight-station course)and archery sessions ($25 for six shots, $50 for 12 shots and $80 for 25 shots) are also available. We wouldnt necessarily recommend it, but a weekend without golf clubs at Streamsong wouldnt be unbearable.

Best Time to Go

The cheapest time to head to Streamsong is the summertime.

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